Monday, May 19, 2014

Master Bedroom

Naturally I forgot to take a 'Before' Picture, so this is our 'before, but after we primed and ripped up the carpet' picture. 

Before all of this though, the room was a really beautiful blueish teal color. I really debated on not painting this room at all because I liked the color so much, but I had already fallen head-over-heals in love with the comforter from Pottery Barn and I couldn't compromise--- it had to be painted. I settled on 'Pediment' from Sherwin Williams for the master bedroom and really think it's fantastic. It actually might be my favorite color so far! 

For a while after I painted it was our catch-all room and it looked like this:

Terrifying, right?! It was to me! 

Once we got everything thrown away and out of the door it was much better and we started to lay the flooring down.

While we were laying the floors we were waiting for one run to work out perfectly. This was Chance's reaction when it finally did… It was very similar to Ron Paul's 'It's happening' .gif.

Swoon! It was beautiful! We got the new base molding and quarter round down. Eventually we'll be putting crown molding throughout the whole house, but this is where we needed to start.

I was and still am overly excited about my usb outlet! 

I wanted a nice jute rug for our bedroom but didn't want to pay for the size I needed. I always check the house stuff at Target and I was so glad that I did this day because this rug was super discounted. I think it was $28 or something around that figure. I'm positive I didn't pay more than $35!

Chance went TDY and gave me permission to do some retail therapy at Pottery Barn for leaving me in the middle of this move (missing Mac's birth, going to OTS during our move from Japan, leaving for two weeks in the middle of a the only move we have ever had to do ourselves… You'd start believing he planned these things!) I was dying to get this bedding! While I was at the mall my mom called and said she wanted to buy it for us as a house-warming gift. Do I have the best mom or do I have the best mom?! Bonus: It was on sale! Double Bonus: I still got a military discount!

We have a cupola out in our front yard and a couple of the windows broke off. So I washed them and bleached them in the shower and hung them. These lamps are from IKEA, and had a black shade on them. I replaced the black shade for these white ones from Target and we're finally getting some use out of them again. We haven't hung these things since we were in Japan.

Chance and made us some side tables and did a great job on them. When we got them upstairs, though, we both really hated the way they looked so we went back to the drawing board. On our way to Lowe's we spotted an estate sale and went to check it out. When we got there they said everything was on sale, so we snagged these two side tables. Originally priced $65.00 each, we haggled them down to $50 for the pair! 

And there's the master bedroom folks! Sorry for the grainy cellphone picture, I still need to get better with my DSLR that my dad gifted me!


White Guest Room

Oh, how I love this room!

Before we bought the house I found this beautiful comforter that I was dying to buy but didn't really have a place for it. I was looking to buy a new comforter for the our bedroom at the time, but thought it might be a little too frilly for a master bedroom, so I passed on it. The next time I saw the comforter, we had already bought the house and the set was on clearance so I couldn't pass it up!

The guest bedroom was kind of a peachy color before we painted it and had carpet.

After we primed the walls, we painted it in Sherwin Williams 'Steamed Milk.' I'm a huge fan of the color. It's a nice creamy white, and for a white I think it's really warm. We've also painted all of the doors and trim in the house white. We (and by 'we' I mean 'Chance) replaced most of the doorknobs from gold to an oiled bronze, and switched the outlets and light fixtures from ivory to white. I'm surprised at how big of a difference the little things make! I don't know it's because we painted the doors, but they really started to stick and changing the doorknobs fixed that problem. Like all of the flooring upstairs, we put down the laminate wood in here too. 

I had a ton of things sitting in boxes throughout the house that I didn't know where or even if we were going to use them. One of those things was my 'EAT' letters that I used in our kitchen at Goodfellow.

Chance suggested that we make the letters say 'ATE' and hang it over the toilet but I thought that was a little gross, so I made it into 'TEA' and hung it in our guest room entrance. 

In the guest room there is a small board over the wall where I think our sellers said there are some pipe switches (Chance could tell me what it was for.) There wasn't a lot of room between the foot of the bed and the wall, but I wanted something that would mask the board, that was easily removable for access and also didn't take up space in the walkway. Someone had suggested hanging shutters and that was the idea I went with, so my friend Anna and I went to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore and she spied the perfect shutters at $5/ set! 

I un-hinged them, and painted them with Americana Decor Chalky Paint in 'Primitive.' I found some tiny clothes pins and hung old family black and white pictures.

I really wanted to get an antique dress form but the price-tag was too high for me so I made my own with the help of Anna and some duct tape. 

I'm so happy with how it turned out, and the whole thing cost me less than $20! That's a steal! 

So here it is!

I'm not completely happy with my pillows on the bed and hope to get some different ones soon. I'd also like to paint the side tables, but for now this will do! 

Welcome to our guest bedroom!

Original 'EAT' letters for the kitchen, and some pin boards from the Yen Store.

The sellers left this little ladder and I've been in love with the rickety thing since I found it in the garage. I've almost fallen off of it too many times for me to actually use it, so for now I'm using it as a book shelf!

I'll eventually get a little basket to set everything on, but I haven't found the perfect one yet, and I can be kind of a snob about baskets…

YaiYai and Papu

Grandma and Grandpa

I love our guest room. There is still quite a bit I'd like to do in here, but I'm not doing anything more until I find exactly what I want. Like most rooms, I'm most excited about how I will decorate it for Christmas, and so far I am most excited about decorating this room! My obsession with Christmas might be unhealthy… I'm a little ashamed to admit that I've been listening to Christmas music since February.

Happy Monday!