Saturday, June 27, 2015

So Many Updates, So Little Time

It's been such a long time since I've updated the blog. Chance and I have been working nearly every weekend on something, and we still have things we'd like to do before we leave... But just to get you up to speed, here's a few things we've done since my last post like, a year ago...

Our dear old chicken coop got some love recently! The big cupola to the left was in our front yard, and we hauled it to the back and made it part of the coop. I think it's so charming!

I very recently got a bee in my bonnet, and to Chance's chagrin, repainted the dining room and kitchen in 'Mindful Gray,' by Sherwin Williams. In a few days we're installing new cabinets under the open shelving, backsplash, a couple of outlets and (finally) installing the garbage disposal and calling it a day with the kitchen... Until we run in to a good deal on a new oven! Did you notice the new floor?? I. Am. In. Love. This kitchen is my haven! We had planned on gutting the entire kitchen and starting over, but I felt too cheap, and I'm so glad we decided to reface the cabinets instead of taking them out completely. We framed the doors, repainted for new hardware and added trim to the bottom and it gave it a totally new look. We debated on getting a farmhouse sink but I decided to use the apron space for extra storage room in the faux drawers. We got those rev-a-shelf things and installed those, so the top 'drawers' are now functional. I also installed a trash can drawer which I love since there's not a great place to put one. 
We also bought some new chairs for the dining table. I get asked a lot if they are uncomfortable and I really don't think they are!

Since we're on the topics of dining rooms, this is my Mom's. I went to Houston and helped her decorate--- I *love* how everything turned out! She used 'Repose Gray,' by Sherwin Williams.

Chance built me a new bed using a slightly modified version of Ana White's 'Queen Bed' plan. It's fun to see how much better we get as we continue to build. I hope this is something we can keep and maybe even pass down one day. 

We also switched Mac to a big boy bed, but we're rebuilding him a new one soon!

This isn't an updated picture of the sunroom, but one that shows the tile. We bought the tile at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for a steal! I don't think the picture does the tile justice! They are pretty huge! Chance has since added back the base boards and we've beadboaded the back wall. We also bought a day bed for that area and it's now a nice place to be again!

Another story about the ReStore--- I wanted this Kholer pedestal sink at Lowes but it was darn near $400, and I wasn't going to spend that! Fast forward 20 minutes later, we head to the ReStore and there was that exact one for $60! We repainted this room, installed the sink, new flooring and a new medicine cabinet!

Then there was this bathroom... There was a shower surround installed on top of tile. We were hoping to just take down the surround and keep the tile, but as we pulled the surround down, down came the tile... And the wall... Which, truthfully, I'm glad happened, because we learn the best when we're thrown in to situations. This was our first real tile project, and I feel like we really got what we wanted. 

Chance built a frame to go around the outside of the tub to make it a little not unique. All that is left to do here is crown moulding and we're done!

This is most of the big projects. Hopefully I can get better at updating more frequently!