Friday, April 11, 2014

Vintage Boy's Room

The first room that we started with upstairs was Mac's room. We knew that getting the floors in was going to be a chore, and staying the night would be key to getting them done so that Chance could come home from work and we could start working from there. Mac was being a total champ while we camped out in the living room for a few nights, but staying up so late and sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor was not the most comfortable place to stay night after night. We ripped out the carpet throughout the entire upstairs, and I got to priming and painting. It took me forever to decided on the colors I wanted in the house, particularly Mac's room because I wanted it to be lodgy, without clashing with the rest of the house… almost a little Christmasy….

This Pottery Barn picture from Pinterest really captures what I wanted to go for… This, plus an all-American-boy feel.

I used my Sherwin-Williams app on my phone to try and figure out what color this wall was, but because of the different lighting in the picture it made it hard to land on a color that wasn't too dark or too blue. Serious problems, I know! 

Once I got to Sherwin-Williams and found the swatches, I realized that the color I had decided on was way too dark, but came across Homburg Gray and fell in love.

Sherwin-Williams Color Snap is a great app by the way! Pediment is for our Master bedroom, Steamed Milk for the guest room and office, and Roman Column for the hall and stairwell. 

After we finished priming and painting his room, we started laying the floors. We got the flooring from Sam's Club, (believe it or not) and we love it. We wrote Bible verses on the subfloor so that wherever we stand, we're standing on the Bible! We got the idea from our church when they opened their new campus, and decided that we would do the same whenever we bought a house of our own. 

Here are the first few rows completed. 

I don't think the walls look nearly this green in person, but I do love love love the way this room turned out. It's exactly how I imagined it would be!

Some of the shelving

I really like how this collage came out! 

Some of 'Dad's' old toys

Annnnd my favorite part. Mac's 'reading corner.' Chance and I bought this chair from Ikea for my little brother before we were married. My parent's never hung it, so we've been carrying this thing around, unopened, for about 8 years. I would like to find more of these little trees and place them in a few more spots in the room, but no rush!


  1. Where did you find those cute trees?

  2. Goodwill! But I think they sell them at Hobby Lobby